Sentry Rock, Hawkesbury River (its beauty might make you shiver…)

No other waterfront view could possibly compete and no other décor could simply woo you into an instant Zen quite like Sentry Rock does. Come stay at our new Hawkesbury River property – join us in the most fabulous cabin fever you will ever experience.

Perched on the outskirt of the Hawkesbury River in Wiseman’s Bay, Sentry Rock is the luxury retreat you possibly can’t deny yourself of.  Burnt orange slabs of timber pop out of a taupe landscape – a landscape draped in vibrant forestry and a reflecting river. Sentry Rock is the dream location for the outdoorsy soul. It is the backdrop for an afternoon siesta, the supreme setting for a fish and bevvy or the ultimate playground for children. You won’t find better riverside accommodation on the Hawkesbury than Sentry Rock!

To put it bluntly, this masterpiece is your easy and most stylish choice for a weekend getaway.  Ideal for families, Sentry Rock accommodates up to six guests – there are three bedrooms inclusive of two kings, one with an en-suite, and one twin with two king single beds and bathroom.

To best describe the vibe drifting throughout Sentry Rock, I would have to say that of ‘tepee chic’. Varnished warm tones and Aztec prints are blasted throughout the rooms, complementing the relaxing invitation of canvas white materials.

Imagined as an “aquatic wonderland”, Sentry Rock is grounded on ten acres of riverfront land. The property encapsulates its rich history of culture through its dynamic and spontaneous interior and exterior design. It is nostalgic of an alpine Navajo home but beautiful for its Australian waterfront heritage. Sentry Rock is a diamond in the rough of the Hawkesbury wilderness.

Sentry Rock has just made its footprint in the history of our Contemporary Hotels collection, so to secure a reservation this Summer, book today!

Phone: (02) 9331 8031


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