A Sneak-Peak Into Bedarra Island Villa’s First Impression

A Sneak-Peak Into Bedarra Island Villa’s

First Impression


Bedarra Island Villa…what an experience. My first journey to this exquisite island paradise certainly left a distinct mark on my holiday experiences, lifting the bar for my next destination. I’ve always been in favour of an R&R getaway… lazing by the beach, reading that book that’s been gathering dust under the bed, swimming in warm waters and guiltily enjoying not having any phone reception for a week… Whilst I was not surprised that this oasis delivered all these hopes – the villa’s blissful exuberance of designer luxury and complete serenity heightened my lusts to desire something so much more out of your usual holiday retreat…

We gallivanted around Mission Beach until our private boat ride to Bedarra Island arrived. It was quite a pleasure to do the week’s grocery shopping at the local supermarket all at once. This was certainly a nice change from the hectic stress to prepare a last-minute ‘spag bol’ at home. Finally, there was time amongst us to experiment with that salivating slow-roasted lamb Donna Hay recipe I had wanted to cook for so long. If I didn’t want to cook one night – so be it! At Bedarra there is simply nothing wrong with devouring an entire tub of Ultra-Choc Sara-Lee ice-cream for dinner. The kid’s didn’t complain either!

My not so elegant entrance upon the somewhat shabby-chic water taxi to the island definitely made my husband and I a tad nervous since we were travelling with our two kids for the first time to somewhere with no ‘kids club’. What had we got ourselves into? A whole week away with two bored and whiney children who were sure to pick our brains to take them to see the latest Batman 3D or irritate each other to bits. We were worried that we wouldn’t have enough food to outlast us the seven days. Was I about to endeavor as the lead in Castaway II…?

Within a split second I was airborne and all of the negative worry-wort thoughts literally ‘flew’ out of my head. I held the kids Spongebob towel over my head as it flapped fiercely in bursting’s fresh, salty air. To be utterly honest, I remember this making me feel like a 1950s movie star. I closed my eyes to imagine a cream chiffon scarf draped over my locks, fluttering perfectly behind me as a swiped on another coat of red lippy and pucker up to my hunk with a European tan, seductively smoking a Cuban cigar. As soon as the fresh breeze withered away and my eyes had stopped weeping in response – I looked around to discover that I still had a smelly old rag on my head (which appeared to take a similar form to a birds nest). What did surprise me was this visual perfection we were motoring into of crystal clear, turquoise waters, luscious green vegetation and milky glistening sand. Hidden amongst the coconut palms we could see the luxurious Bedarra Villa…

A beautiful blue Ulysses butterfly welcomed us, fluttering in a figure-of-eight towards the sparkling oasis of Bedarra. Waving our arrival was the two caretakers.  They kindly helped us with our luggage and groceries as well as gave us a thorough tour of the amazing property. I couldn’t wait to hop in the organically shaped avocado bathtub in the studio pavilion. Bring on the overflowing bubbles from the tub and my champagne flute!

Our island holiday was nothing short of amazing. My fears of the kids getting bored instantly faded away – they didn’t want to leave! Each day they spent snorkeling in the protected, tropical waters of The Great Barrier Reef, taking underwater snaps of local sea turtles and corals of the most amazing colours and shapes. There was no shortage of food either! My husband and I took the kayaks out each day to explore the coastal bay and attempted to go fishing. To be perfectly honest, I’m not the most ‘adventurous’, ‘skilled’ or remotely ‘coordinated’ woman alive – so needless to say there was quite a celebration when I caught the first coral trout for dinner! We cooked it on the Barbie with a little lime zest, salt and pepper and alongside a bucket of icy cold Coronas. There is nothing more satisfying than catching your own dinner – Rex Hunt style!

When swaying in the hammock to recoup after an induced food-coma/sleep off the exhaustion from the midday sun – the best way to ‘get up & at ‘em’ after a siesta is to take the path up to the Bedarra Island outlook. It’s great for when you’re feeling a little sluggish and the views – well, they speak for themselves really.

On my last day I sat for hours on the beach, feeling the sand turn cold as the clouds shifted in and out of distance. I rested sipping on refreshing coconut water. Each day the kids spent hours hollowing out coconuts from the sheltering palms, making them into funny faces and saving a few for mummy to use as a cocktail vessel! As much as Bedarra Island Villa was the ultimate beach holiday destination for my family – I can’t wait to spend a week here just with my husband! Excuse me for a second while I dream about the luxury of snoozing in till noon in the serene master bedroom, taking a dip in The Great Barrier Reef whilst completely in the nuddy and being dare devils as we head off for an exhilarating adventure across the island…

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  1. Loving Bedarra Island Villa – is it available in October for a week?

    Comment by starsky — August 31, 2012 @ 3:59 am

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